Enroll in Password Services

All employees and students will need to enroll in password services before they can utilize the change password option. To enroll, login (see below for student and employee login info) and choose the Enrollment tab (top left). Fill out all the security questions.

Once you are enrolled, the system will send you an email before your password expires.




Login with your NC State student username and password. Choose NCSTUDENT from Log on to option.


Login with your NC State employee username and password. Choose NCEMPLOYEE from Log on to option.

Password Requirements

Must be at least twelve characters long and contain 3 out of 4 elements: Upper case, lower case, numbers, or special characters.

Only allowable symbols are located on the 1-8 keys.

Cannot use your name.

The system remembers the last 6 passwords used.


Reset Password
Reset your forgotten password
Unlock Account
Unlock your locked out account